Watching Now


Fringe and Justified are two shows in their primes! If or I should say when Fringe gets cancelled I will be revisiting an anger at Fox not felt since Firefly getting botched by the network. Adam Reed’s Archer, in its second season is so good that I got back into Frisky Dingo over the weekend. That show never gets old and I’m still sad it never got to see a 3rd season. Then there’s Walking Dead on Blu-ray that Amazon hooked me up with last week. Overrated but I’m glad I own a hard copy of it because I’m such a fan of the comic. Smallville, sadly, has failed to live up to much in its final season which is too bad because I figured they’d go for broke instead of cranking out pointless filler material. On the anime front I just finished Code Geass R2 and… wow. Epic show. Speaking of epic, I can’t get enough of the Princess intro–the “show,” if it can even be called that, I can get enough of but that intro is just priceless. Been singing “Who loves adventure and plays all day? It’s Princess, isn’t it, yes” to my dogs all week. Most importantly also getting into Star Trek Next Generation which I had never seen prior to this year. I’m on season 4. It’s scary how good TNG is. I don’t think I could really appreciate the sci-fi genre until I experience this timeless program. Way ahead of its time both in terms of the science (a late 80s show talking about string theory!) and the genre. It holds up amazingly well, better than any Trek movie, especially the craptastic JJ Abrams Star Trek that I made the mistake of rewatching. In terms of shelf life will we be able to say the same about Battlestar twenty years from now?

Enter the Void is an amazing, eye opening cinematic experiences while Monsters is… not, though I keep revisiting it in my mind so it must have done something right.  Both are streaming on Netflix btw. So is Carlos which is a must see. Also just saw Robinson Caruso on Mars on Criterion. It’s not often that a hidden gem like that is just dropped in your lap (or mailbox as it were). Also, trying to figure out the exact order my favorite 2010 films. Usually one or two or in last year’s case three films pop out as top contenders but not this year so I’m desperately re-watching old favorites and new stuff that I missed during the year (I only have The American, Never Let Me Go and Mother to see at this point) with a more critical eye. And while Social Network is not, as of now, anywhere near the top ten, I’ve been putting off what I hear is a crucial second viewing for far too long. My unopened blu-ray copy (with that horrible cover featuring Jesse Eisenberg staring at me and a freaking Peter Traverse quote) is begging to be ravaged by my admittedly listless eyes.

As for 2011 films: nada, unless you count Green Hornet as something which I most certainly do not. Looking forward to Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives, Battle: LA, Paul and of course Sucker Punch.

Video Games
A dry spell. Replaying Heavy Rain and loving it as much as the first time. Going to play this version as a total dick and let everyone die. Also just got the new Donkey Kong from my library which is bringing back old times. Basically just killing time until Crysis 2 arrives next week. Loved the original on PC but getting it on PS3 despite it getting screwed over by the PC and Xbot developers.

None off the top of my head. Why, you got any?