2008 Oscars

Picture: Slumdog
Director: Boyle, Slumdog
Actor: Penn, Milk last minute change: going with Mickey! (WINNER: PENN)
Actress: Winslet, Reader
Supporting Actor: HEATH!
Supporting Actress: Cruz, Vicky Christina Barcelona
Original Screenplay: Dustin Lance Black, Milk
Adapted Screenplay: Simon Beaufoy, Slumdog Millionaire

Editing: Slumdog
Cinematography: Slumdog
Art Direction: Button
Original Score: Slumdog
Song: Slumdog
Documentary: Man On a Wire
Animated: Wall-E
Visual Effects: Button
Makeup: Button
Costume: Duchess
Sound Mixing: Dark Knight (WINNER: SLUMDOG)
Sound Editing: Dark Knight
Live Action Short: Toy Land
Documentary Short: The Witness (WINNER: SMILE PINKI)
Animated Short: Presto (WINNER: LA MAISON)

I GOT 19 OUT OF 24 (but everyone missed the Japanese film Departures wining Best Foreign). WOULD HAVE BEEN 20 IF I DIDN’T CHANGE MY VOTE FROM PENN TO ROURKE.

Overall, the show was well produced/directed, wonderfully staged and moved at a nice pace. Now, the infusion of over-the-top Broadway musical numbers hurt not just the show but the integrity of cinema as a whole which should use this night (of all nights) to stand apart from a medium like theater. Cinema is not out of touch, why, then, do its awards have to be! Oh, but it’s totally not out of touch because Zach Effron got to be on the show twice as a presenter and dancer (WTF, F-U Mother F-er!). The telecast gets a B, the selection of winners, however, get a D for their total lack of imagination. The suprises, few as they may have been, were just odd and not exciting at all. 

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